Cloud-Native Applications

Develop extraordinary software by leveraging micro-service architecture

The ever-growing technology makes businesses require to be highly agile, flexible and scalable. Enterprises need to structure an IT which is prompt, responsive, unceasingly deployed and loosely coupled to stay ahead in the field. The most eminent way of getting this is with resilient, scalable cloud-native applications structured, deployed and hosted in the cloud with Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). The intricate, high-value applications that are necessary for competitive advantage will provide utmost benefit by transforming to cloud-native.

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Cloud-Native: Adopt the transformation in IT

Techvedic aims to structure cloud-native applications that exclusively endows business agility. We integrate partner PaaS solutions, or design, structure and manage PaaS platforms exceptionally for clients with services that include:


keeping pace with time-to-market with logical
units of deployment


Altering organizational culture, skills and approaches with end-to-end automation and continuous deployment


Rapidly change, improve and scale applications with self-regulating containers enabling flexible development and deployment

Agile and BDD excellence

Implementing our agile framework, supporting its technical aspects and enabling agile testing

Boost up your IT with proven expertise

Our cloud-native PaaS services assist digital organizations to promptly innovate, experiment and scale as per market demands. We have partnered with eminent PaaS solution providers, including both public (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google, etc.) and Cloud Foundry-based products (including Pivotal Cloud Foundry and IBM Bluemix).

We duly merge DevOps and cloud for PostNord using IBM Bluemix PaaS to structure an application that supported an innovative online international shipping service. Innovative enhancements can be organized continually to upgrade the service.