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A winning combination of experience and commitment to excellence

Jia Li Sun – Los Angeles

Improving technology experiences for you

Techvedic duly aims at improving the technology experience of our customers and partners to let them achieve their objectives in a steadfast manner and with the least investment and effort.

We, at Techvedic Inc., do everything that can help technology consumers, B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to consumer) entrepreneurs and marketers make the most of their technology investment and the emerging opportunities.

We provide IT consulting and support, business IT solutions, technology training, outsourcing services, merchant payment processing services, digital marketing services and cloud-based business communication services across the globe.

At Techvedic, we believe that we succeed only when our customers or partners succeed. And we make it come true by offering highly customized and innovative IT solutions to them by going the extra mile that others don’t. For us, innovation means revolution that can spark change and empower people to do more with less and stand out in the crowd.

How do we improve tech experiences for our customers?

By providing domain consulting and business analysis services, we help our partners to invest meticulously and proceed in the right direction. Our solutions, powered by business intelligence (BI) capabilities, help them precisely estimate marketing investment, ROI and effectiveness. This in turn plays a pivotal role in customizing the marketing campaign and making it profitable.

Our expert team

Our product and service development team keep a close track on the disrupting technologies and their influence on end-users. We build device-agnostic and cloud-ready solution which can be standardized, customized and simplified as per the users’ preferences, and can be managed easily over the Web across any device. We strictly monitor the performance of the telecom solutions in terms of their customers’ experience.

Our experience

Leveraging more than 10 years of technology planning, development and implementation expertise and industry insights, we help our partners with result-oriented services and solutions. We keep a track on their operational challenges, market demands and make sure to keep our derivatives updated to ensure end-users always derive unmatched performance without being puzzled with stability and security concerns.