Technology innovation

Advanced analytics

Enabling insight- and idea-driven organizations

Through advanced analytics, we help you unlock the power of data to become insights-driven and reinvent your business to meet evolving business demands quickly.
Pragmatic, value-based approach to advanced analytics

To reinvent how you do business and deliver new services in an increasingly competitive market, maximizing data is key. As a trusted analytics partner providing end-to-end capabilities, we start with an idea, help turn that idea into action, and then scale it. We value experimentation and learning, and apply human psychology and empathy, enabling us to deliver pragmatic innovation.

With a data strategy that encompasses transactional as well as contextual data, and advanced analytics capabilities that overcome human limitations on curating and understanding data, Techvedic helps clients realize their full potential. The result is just-in-time analytics to support real-time business decisions.

We work closely with clients locally, while bringing the strength of global insights and capabilities.

Driving more value from data

LocalTapiola, a large Finnish insurer, wanted to gain a better understanding of its customers by analyzing a vast store of available data. Using advanced analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence, Techvedic evaluated 350,000 customer relationships, revealing customer segments that warranted special attention and supporting the development of specific outreach actions for each segment. The company is now better able to anticipate the actions of hundreds of thousands of customers and identify new target groups for marketing, as well as deliver a more personalized experience for individual customers.

How we support a client's journey to becoming insight- and idea-driven
  • Analytics critical information map - Working together to identify the information that is critical to the business and ensuring its quality
  • Analytics advanced technology - Continuous development and innovation by assessing new data sources and using advanced analytics
  • Analytics idea exploration - Workshop using the critical information and additional “big data” sources to identify real business value through specific use cases and applications
  • Analytics production & scale - Building a future-proof data analytics platform that is secure, scalable and enables innovation
  • Analytics sprint - Taking one of the prioritized use cases and using data and advanced analytics to prove the value
Artificial intelligence

Techvedic is a trusted artificial intelligence (AI) expert, helping clients demystify and deliver responsible AI. We combine our end-to-end capabilities in data science and machine learning with deep domain knowledge and technology engineering skills to generate new insights, experiences and business models powered by AI.

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