Cloud and IT modernization

Accelerating and future-proofing IT modernization through strategic use of cloud

Organizations require business agility and innovation to deliver seamless digital experiences and adapt to continuous change. A future-fit technology foundation is a key enabler of business transformation. Wherever you are on your modernization journey, we help you accelerate business outcomes through our secure, end-to-end cloud and modernization services.
Navigating a complex, multi-cloud and hybrid IT landscape

In our Techvedic Voice of Our Clients interviews, when asked where they plan to invest in innovation in the next three years, executives most often cite IT modernization and cloud, which are key elements of modern and resilient digital value chains.

Many organizations struggle with inflexible cloud strategies, simplistic modernization approaches, immature cloud-native practices, and governance, security, management and operational models not designed for the cloud age. Multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments often have evolved organically, and unsanctioned SaaS solutions have resulted in shadow IT.

Unaddressed, these situations will become the next legacy environment with associated technical debt.

Enabling adaptive, resilient and sustainable enterprises

Digital enterprises need to accelerate and future-proof their digital journey through more strategic use of the cloud. This requires living cloud strategies that adapt to constantly changing business realities. It also demands a smart, accelerated modernization approach that goes beyond lift and shift, encompassing foundations, data and core systems, in addition to the application portfolio. We manage the domain-by-domain decomposition and rebuilding of complex and monolithic business systems at the core (or handle their replacement with modern SaaS solutions). This includes modernizing and moving mainframes to the cloud.

At the same time, we work with clients to help them pursue opportunities generated by the cloud to achieve their sustainability goals.

Leaders look for strategic partners who can co-create, deliver and manage innovative cloud-composed, digital business solutions at pace and scale. Our approach relies on an end-to-end service portfolio designed to deliver such value.

Cloud pioneer and practitioner

years advising on use of sovereign cloud frameworks,
such as U.S. FedRAMP and DISA, UK G-Cloud, and GAIA-X


members in our global cloud practice


Innovation Labs + 46 networked emerging technology teams

Cloud Modernization and Transformation Services

Since the early days of cloud, we have developed a standardized, repeatable and scalable approach to cloud modernization that leverages our blended global delivery model (onshore, nearshore and offshore), with onsite accountability.

Strategic alliances
AWS partner

As an Amazon Web Services Advanced Consulting Partner, we deliver the cloud services clients need to drive innovation, scalability and resilience.

Google Cloud partner

As a Google Cloud Partner, Techvedic uses Google’s flexible and powerful cloud technology—Google Cloud Platform and Google Workspace—to deliver agile, scalable and elastic data and AI-driven cloud solutions.

Microsoft partner

As a Microsoft partner (Gold and Global Managed Services), Techvedic delivers a broad portfolio of Microsoft offerings that help clients drive innovation, collaboration and business agility.

Key services
Cloud strategy, planning and architecture advisory

A living cloud strategy with a clear view on the role of cloud services in your agile operation requires a group effort. Our approach relies on an inclusive and cross-functional cloud strategy council with participants from IT.

IT and application cloud modernization

Our cloud experts work with you to use the cloud more strategically—no matter where you are on your modernization journey.

Cloud native development

Using cloud native technologies, Techvedic helps clients transform their application development capabilities, creating a cloud-based environment (platform, tools, methods, culture) that increases the frequency and speed of new product and service delivery.

Enterprise SaaS implementation

How can your organization effectively deploy and integrate SaaS to accelerate your modernization? As an experienced SaaS integration partner, we bring global expertise to implement and optimize your SaaS solutions.

Cloud intervention and turnaround

The key to successful turnarounds is to quickly bring in domain experts with experience in similar situations and pair them with your team for a swift assessment and corrective action. Our organizational change and turnaround experts also help with executive.

Cloud management and operations

Techvedic Management Foundation ensures operational excellence in CloudOps and AIOps. We accelerate results with our proven governance and operating models, smart multi-cloud management platform and transition approach.

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