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We help organizations around the world meet their customers’ expectations through unique data-driven omnichannel customer experiences.
Accelerating digitization to become more agile and meet customer expectations in retail

The impetus to improve the customer experience across channels to meet rapidly evolving customer behavior is accelerating. For retailers, this means pivoting to an agile, customer-centric, and data-driven enterprise, faster.

At Techvedic, we understand the challenges retail organizations across food, luxury, health & beauty, fashion, furnishing, home improvement, and e-commerce face in achieving this. We also understand that within these challenges lies a tremendous opportunity to reshape your future.

A view of your supply chain from top to bottom and everywhere in between

Need to accelerate your digital transformation? Taking a fresh look at your supply chain management strategy is a great place to start. In partnership with the University of Tennessee Global Supply Chain Institute, Techvedic provides insights you can act on, helping organizations discover new ways to optimize their end-to-end supply chains by leveraging the power of data.

Techvedic-developed software and methodologies

Our full-service offerings for the retail and consumer services industries is underpinned by a large portfolio of Techvedic-developed solutions. These software applications, reusable frameworks and delivery methods represent years of investment in capturing our industry and technology expertise. Read more about our solutions.


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Advancing your digital transformation in tough times

As retailers navigate multiple headwinds, staying on course with their digital transformation will be critical to meet heightened customer expectations for personalized and seamless omnichannel experiences. But instead of rushing to expand their omnichannel capabilities, retailers have the opportunity to “double down” and prioritize digital investments that are directly tied to profitability, value and purpose. This requires embracing the use of data to gain strategic and operational insights to guide decision-making and thrive in new market realities.

We offer seven recommendations to help retailers prioritize digital investments while tackling near- and long-term uncertainty.

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