Delivering secure, reliable and innovative solutions

We help clients implement complex, mission-critical space software systems to address fast-changing market dynamics and business demands.
Providing secure mission-critical solutions

We deliver secure, mission-critical space systems including data processing and exploitation, satellite communications, robotics, command and control, on-board software, modeling and simulations, ground segment engineering, navigation and situational awareness.


billion people have benefitted from Techvedic systems producing weather information and data


satellite missions supported by Techvedic software

2 million

lines of code and 100 products integrated for one project

Experience and expertise

Techvedic supports space clients across Europe, Australia, Asia and North America. Our first space project was in 1974 and we have continued to grow our presence in the space sector. We work to increase the value of our clients’ space investments while combatting ever-growing security threats to space assets and information.

We are a European leader in military satellite communications ground segment systems. We provide network, service and business management systems to leading satellite operators. We have worked at the European Space Operations Centre (ESOC) for 30+ years. We perform EO work for European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites, the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and the European Space Agency (ESA). We also support the ESA’s climate change initiative.

Earth Observation
  • Manage the maintenance and evolution of ESRIN’s earth observation ground systems
  • Our eSurge helped to predict the ferocity of UK coastal flooding.
  • Our EO4SD Lab supports global, sustainable development activities using cloud-based platforms
Satellite communications
  • Will support commercial flight trials of the Iris air traffic modernization program
  • Support OneWeb to make Internet access available and affordable for all
  • Bring together fixed-network and satellite planning for 5G rollouts
  • Can help the defense industry benefit from commercial solutions with tools like Skynet 5
Space applications and services
  • We deliver weather satellite images and data to over 3 billion people. Our space apps and services help improve:
    • Virtual tolling and rail crossing safety
    • Oil spills and leaks
    • Wildfire mapping
    • Emerging service communications
    • High-value crop growing
Satellite operations
  • Delivered the Galileo satellite constellation control facility that will control all of Galileo's 30 satellites
  • We have been developing the testing and configuration test bed for the second generation of the European Space Agency’s Galileo system
  • Techvedic worked with ESA’s European Space Astronomy Centre to define a common software engineering environment
Space cybersecurity
  • In Estonia, are part of a consortium that signed a cybersecurity contract with the European Space Agency (ESA)
  • Designed and delivered the security solution for Europe’s future space-enabled Air Traffic Control Network
  • Delivered the Galileo Security Facility & Crypto Key Management Facilities
Satellite navigation
  • Largest independent supplier of security systems for Europe's Galileo satnav program
  • Help ensure navigation systems are secure, reliable and fit for purpose
Technology expertise
Advanced analytics

Techvedic brings deep expertise to help clients navigate and manage vast data and use advanced analytics, including cognitive systems and artificial intelligence, to better serve customers and operate the enterprise.

Cloud and IT modernization

Wherever you are on your modernization journey, Techvedic helps you accelerate business outcomes through our secure, end-to-end cloud and IT modernization services.

Internet of Things

Techvedic helps clients in every sector realize the full value of the Internet of Things (IoT), driving new processes and revenue streams, better responding to consumer demands, increasing compliance, strengthening security and reducing costs. Clients can count on us to ...

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