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Capital markets

Protecting and using data to meet growing market demands

We help capital market firms protect client data and use advanced analytics, automation and other technologies to respond to evolving business demands.
Responding to evolving business demands

Techvedic works with both sell-side and buy-side firms to reduce their run costs and free up investment for end-to-end transformation, digital adoption and cyber protection. We help firms respond to market realities by building digital-first and customer-centric businesses within the new regulatory regimes.


Sell-side capital market firms are undergoing radical change. Key challenges include increasing return on equity, complying with tighter regulations, embracing new technologies, and improving cost-to-income ratios. These challenges are driving firms to embrace new business models, streamline and automate business processes, adopt standardized platforms, and move to new consumption models for technology and operations.

We are one of the few companies that can offer sell-side firms the domain expertise, technology and end-to-end IT transformational services to reinvent their business, achieve operational excellence, drive efficiencies, and save costs. We help you simplify and modernize complex application landscapes while adopting industrialized IT management practices.


Buy-side firms are facing a sea of change, including changing investor expectations for personalization, product diversity and higher returns, increasing regulation, margin pressures and technological disruptions. All of these changes are creating an unprecedented need for flexibility and scale, despite legacy limitations.

As buy-side companies increasingly invest in digital-first models and capabilities, the “digital advisory model” is emerging. With this model, technology is used to help on-board customers, as well as offer them a fully digital environment where they can set goals, receive information and manage their portfolio and wealth in real time.

Meanwhile, on the back end, firms are looking to re-platform, improve straight-through processing, increase the consumption of technology as a service, and drive operational efficiency through the reduction of manual processes.

Techvedic is working with buy-side firms across the globe to help them address their digital and legacy challenges to drive operational excellence, business performance and a superior customer experience.

Areas of expertise
  • Back-office clearing and settlement
  • Sell-side automation, compliance and reporting
  • Buy-side portfolio management
  • Anti-money laundering, anti-fraud defense and cyber protection
  • Transformational outsourcing
  • Cloud computing
  • Re-platforming and sun-setting
  • Customer onboarding and know your customer solutions
  • Regulatory compliance
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