Jacobs Douwe Egberts: Effectively mitigating risks with OT cybersecurity insights

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A complete overview of potential cybersecurity risks across its factories worldwide helped global coffee and tea company, Jacobs Douwe Egberts (JDE), implement adequate mitigation measures to decrease risks, improve its cybersecurity posture and operate with confidence.

Industry 4.0 is driving unparalleled interconnectivity in manufacturing environments. Moreover, due to the criticality of operations, the manufacturing industry is highly targeted for cyberattacks. Traditional IT security is not enough to protect manufacturing organizations anymore. However, manufacturers often lack the expert knowledge and capacity needed to address the growing specter of cybersecurity threats in an effective way.

JDE needed a partner with the expertise to provide a comprehensive overview of all cybersecurity risks and vulnerabilities across its factories. This included all operational technology computing systems used to manage the entire industrial operation.

A reliable partner in OT / ICS security

JDE selected us for our comprehensive and integrated IT and OT cybersecurity solutions and services, supported by the capacity to assess all of JDE’s factories worldwide, with a uniform approach and within the time frame set out.

The assessment preparation, firewall and network analysis, and OT / ICS architecture evaluation were performed centrally from our OT Security Centre of Excellence.

Assessing risks to people, machines, processes and technology

Our experts connected specialized equipment to the OT / ICS network to run an automated asset discovery and generate a topology map that displayed all relevant assets in the client’s OT / ICS environment and how they are interconnected. Data from the plant supervisory, direct control and field level systems were evaluated to identify areas particularly vulnerable to cybercrime.

Mitigating risks and raising awareness

Following the assessments and report, we also were tasked with implementing relevant mitigation measures.

In addition, an OT / ICS cybersecurity awareness video was created, based on the findings, to improve cognizance of cyber risks among employees. This video is now distributed to JDE factory workers worldwide to train them on OT / ICS cybersecurity best practices and lower the risk of internal breaches.

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